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Nov-Dec 2005

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Pregnancy & Birth

More than 1150 earthquake-effected children have been admitted at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), after being rescued from the catastrophe and a majority of the children are from the northern region...

Family Ties

An old saying tells us "the most primitive instinct is eating food". We eat all kinds of food without thinking of the consequences it has to our health. The aromas, flavours, textures and appearance of all kinds of foods stimulate the appetite...

Growing Pains

Who does not like a cute chubby child? Parents long for these cute looking kids without realising that their chubbiness can lead to severe health complications. Our Research Team has put together some facts for our readers...

Healthy Living

Human beings are lifelong learners, and children are vulnerable because they learn good and bad from adults, be it parents, grand parents, servants, drivers and most of all television. Bad language is especially picked up fairly quickly...

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