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Jan-Feb 2006

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Pregnancy & Birth

Hadiqa Kiani once again caught everyone off guard by adopting a little baby boy whose parents had passed away in the earthquake. Baby boy is her good luck charm, as a few days after his adoption, Hadiqa tied the knot with an Afghan businessman who lives in UK...

Family Ties

Read Pervaiz Bashir‘s true story about how he discovered a lump in his breast, went through the treatment, and is on the road to recovery. The treatment he received was the same as that administered to women. He recounted how his friends asked him if he was going through a ‘sex change’...

Growing Pains

Malaria is an infectious disease transmitted by the bites of mosquitoes infected with the malaria-causing parasite. After being bitten by an infected mosquito, the parasite infects human liver and red blood cells. Most malaria infections cause flu...

Healthy Living

One social and human problem that has arisen is as to how to provide shelter to those children who have become orphans. There has been a wide spread demand that parentless and homeless children be accommodated by affluent families and be provided legal status of adopted children...

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