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Sep-Oct 2006

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The first mother of the nation was gracious enough to allow us the privile ge of her presence at the Celebrating Motherhood event. More

Mission Motherhood

Educating children about child sexual abuse is by no means corrupting them, for talking about child sexual abuse is not teaching them about how to have sex, it’s about protecting their bodies from those who want to harm them...

The most attractive exhibition halls of the palace are: treasury,  holy relics, which has the Prophets Mohammed’s P.B.U.H. footprint and hair and also the swords of sahaba’s etc., costumes of the Sultans, Harem, Chinese porcelains etc... the Grand Bazaar in the old city, it is one of the largest covered markets in the world with more than 58 streets and 4000 shops in it...


The couple have taken a liking to Pakistani cuisine; their favorite dishes are briyani and tikka. The ambassador also enjoys sweets like ras malli and kulfi. They have been enjoying mangoes and grapes in the summer season as well... Talking about the contrasts between the two societies, the most conspicuous one is about population control...
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