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Daddy’s Girl

Both parents play a vital role in the upbringing of their children. A mother cannot substitute a father nor can a father substitute a mother, both have varied and unique roles to play in rearing their children. A father being the head of the family is the perfect role model for his children. Popular belief holds that fathers are more attached to their sons and can play a significant role in their lives, but now there is growing awareness of a father’s importance in the life of his daughter. Both the academic world and the general population are recognizing that a father’s influence goes beyond the “little girl” years into adulthood and is an important complement to her mother’s vital role.

For a little girl, her father is her role model; to her there is no better person than him. He’s her superman, capable of rescuing her from all worries. Whether it’s asking for money for a pair of new shoes or taking permission to go to a friend’s house, daddies are the ones who come to their daughters rescue. Maybe it’s this factor that fathers will understand when mothers just don’t that makes a girl closer to her father. Every girl is deeply influenced by her relationship with her father. Her identity began when she was born and was formed partly by the kind of relationship she had with her father as she grew up-an identity that continues to be formed till very late in her life.

The family is a training ground for all future relationships. Usually, mothers serve as models for their daughters on being a mother and a wife. Fathers, however, teach their daughters how to regard themselves, what to look for in a partner and what to expect of men. Fathers can make such a difference in their daughters' lives. They are the first male that a girl knows and the relationship with him sets the tone for all male-female relationships she will have in future.

A father’s relationship with his daughter teaches her what value she has as a person; her identity and self-worth develops from how her father interacts with her. Fathers must realize that the manner in which they relate to their daughters will shape their future. When a girl is neglected by her father, she learns to neglect herself.  If a father abuses his daughter, she will learn to take abuse or become abusive.  If he respects her, she will learn to respect herself and others.  The way a father relates to his daughter will determine how his daughter will relate with others and what kind of family life she will create for herself in the future. Because regardless of their age, daughters who have meaningful and comfortable relationships with their fathers are generally more self-confident and independent, have better relationships with men, are less depressed and achieve more in school and at work.

As the primary role model in their daughters lives, a father can influence his daughters in profound ways. From how girls see themselves to what they expect from men and the world at large, fathers can make a deep impact on the lives of their daughters. All this comes with great responsibility, no relationship is easy, but being the first role model of your daughter is a daunting task. Most fathers shy away from interaction with their daughters, especially when they enter adolescence, not realizing that they are withdrawing themselves from the position of role model in their daughter’s life. Just a little effort on the part of fathers will ensure that their daughter always remains “daddy’s little girl” because all a girl needs is for her father to hug her against a future that is so unsure.   

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