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Letters to the Editor

 Dear Readers,

Keep your encouraging comments and useful suggestions coming so that we can continue to incorporate them in our efforts to make this magazine the best possible for you.

All the letter writers on this page will be sent gifts from ILLUSIONS, Jinnah Super, Islamabad.

Write to us your opinion and comments & win fabulous surprise gifts.




Dear Magazine

Hello. I am a new, rather a first time reader of this magazine and straight away I am writing this letter to share my feelings with you. To be honest, previously I used to consider this as a boring parental magazine covering staple issues regarding babies and their solutions. This was the main purpose why I purchased the November / December edition as I became a mother a few weeks back. However, to my delight, I found the magazine to surpass my expectations. It addresses the needs/tastes of a diverse group of people, regardless of age and gender.

A small feedback on the current edition; the segments of Home decor, Hepatitis and Junk food were great and very informative. The segments on fashion, beauty tips and recipes are adding to the completeness of the magazine. One request in the end, can you share some article covering early age diseases of babies and preventions against them? Will write to you again and also share pictures of my baby for Kodak competition, after all who doesn't want to win a Kodak camera :-)

Beenish Zaidi,

Female Issues
A few weeks earlier I got to know about female condoms from someone who had returned from abroad. I haven’t heard of them in Pakistan. I don’t know if your policies encourage you to discuss such explicit things or not. But the main thing I want to mention is, once the female condom is in use, it will save women from various diseases and will also help control the birth rate in the country.

Sanora Rehman,

Promoting Family Bonding

May Allah guide you and may He be very kind on you and all the others who are working for this magazine, which promotes family bonding. I have never written to any magazine before, but “Motherhood”, is too good, right from the cover page to the middle and the end. Good luck and keep the great work.

Khizar Jehan,

Refreshing Magazine

It is refreshing to see a Pakistani magazine with a focused theme. Motherhood is not a part time job; young mothers definitely need guidelines for the upbringing of their children. It is important that they give priority to the development of their children. Joint family system is a thing of the past and grandmothers are no longer available to guide young mothers. Your magazine is doing a great job in helping mothers acquire knowledge/tips on various issues related to child rearing.

Keep up the good work.

Shaista Zafar,

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