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Motherhood Makeovers

Whether you are a working woman or a stay at home mom, there is hardly time to relax. There are deadlines to be met at work and running a house is not an easy task either. Motherhood offered makeovers to some dynamic women who deserve to sit back and be pampered.

Turkain Zukaria is a very successful beautician and a mother of three. She has been beautifying women for ages, but when it comes to herself, she hardly has time. We managed to coax her into having a makeover done and the result is just amazing.












Sonia Asif is a stay at home mom, raising a family and looking after the house can be a pretty demanding job. Sonia hardly gets time to indulge in skin care or beauty products. She took a day out to get a makeover done from Depilex. The experts there gave her tips on simple day wear makeup that will suit her routine.













Rabia Iqbal is a young working woman. Having a 9-5 job can take its toll on anyone. Hanging out with friends is a treat for her, so we gave the chance to get a makeover done by Depilex. Now Rabia has the perfect look for a night out with friends.














Abida Aziz i working in the development sector. After a hard days work she hardly gets time to dress up for dinners or parties. Cozmetica gave their expert opinion regarding the perfectlook for Abida. With a little bit of help from Cozmetica's beauty consultant, knowing tht she is looking great. You can see the difference yourself.


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