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Nadia Hussain Khan

We’ve seen her in various advertisements and fashion shoots. We’ve loved her acting and hosting and most of us had our figures crossed when she was nominated in the Best Model category for Lux Style Awards in 2006. This multi faceted woman is an inspiration for many young girls who see her as the epitome of perfection. She has achieved so much in a span of just a few years. Model, dentist, actor, host, mom………Nadia Hussain Khan fills all these roles with grace. Motherhood caught up with her after the birth of her second child to find out how she’s managing work and parenthood.

 1) How has being a mother changed you?

It has truly changed me dramatically as it would any other woman. The sense of responsibility and duty is really overwhelming. If you are the one to bring a life in this world then it is really up to you as to what values and morals you want to inculcate in these souls. That kind of pressure is something that a woman really has to be prepared to handle and I really don't think that making babies and producing a factory full of children is something that this world requires anymore. We now need children who are well educated, well groomed with a sense of responsibility towards this world, themselves and their parents so that this world can become a safer and much more humane place to live in.

2) You haven't given up modelling after becoming a mom, how do you handle
work and kids? Do you have help?

I consider myself a part time working mom. Yes I have great help in the form of my mom and then I also have a maid. It is just something that requires a balance, which is basically that I don't take up too many projects which are happening back to back. I also try not to stay away from home for too long at a stretch, which is something that is pretty unavoidable in this field, but then I try and throw my weight about in this regard which helps at times.


3) After your second child you were back on the ramp within a few weeks,
how did you manage to get back to shape so soon?

I truly feel that God has gifted me with a great metabolic rate. Throughout my pregnancy I could not diet or anything of the sort and used to eat a lot whenever possible. Now after the baby I still cannot diet as I am nursing my 3 month old, so basically it is just my fast metabolism which burns up whatever I eat and keeps my weight down. But now I really need to exercise to lose my hanging and sagging belly.

4) Now that you have two children, will you reduce the amount of work that
you do?

I reduced ever since I got married, but yes now after two children I will really have to pick and choose what I do. I feel that now since I am done with the baby producing duty I can somewhat get back with more vigour and do shows or hosting or shoots more often, which I was not able to do earlier since I was pregnant for most of my 3 yrs of marriage!!

5) You have been very open about your pregnancies and children; we have come
across models who don't want to show they have children, let alone let magazines publish pictures of them pregnant. Do you think it affects a models market value if people don't know she has children?

Well I wouldn't know about market value, but yes I think it really sends out the message loud and clear that a model with children may not be able to do a whole lot of projects which other models would have no problem doing. Sometimes people don't even bother to ask married models with children to do shows out of the country or city or in far away locations. But I think market value can be increased again if you get back in the circle with full force!!

6) How did you start your modelling career?

I come from a media related background, my khala is Tina Sani, so as a young child I did a toothpaste commercial and come in some videos of my khala and also some jingles, but coming into the fashion industry was something that happened purely out of luck. A friend of mine was working in an advertising agency and offered me a Lakhani Silk Mills campaign and then after that I went for a haircut to Mubashir Khan, when he saw me he instantly told me that I HAD to be a model and introduced me to Imran Kureshi with whom I did my first fashion shown. Ever since then the ball never stopped rolling.

7)  A lot of models have taken up acting as a full-time profession or are focusing on other things, for example, a leading model just came out with her linen line. Do you plan on branching out into something else as well?

Well I have already done two long plays, a couple of tele films; I host TV and live shows. With so much on my plate I really don't think I have much energy left to branch out, though I am very fond of making purses and accessories, but that is something which I’ll think about later. I also have my dentistry to fall back on if a when I stop my
showbiz career.

8) Don't you think models in Pakistan stay in this field when they are way past their prime? The usual argument is that as long as they are getting good offers, why should they retire. But don't you think if the senior models retire, then only will newer faces be given a chance to prove themselves.

In our country we do not have proper modelling agencies or anything of the sort. A model really has to struggle in the beginning of her career to make a name for herself. When the name is made and credibility is there, 3-4 years have gone by so of course one wants to bank in on the amount of energy and struggle one has put in. This increases the length of a models career. If there were agencies that guaranteed a certain amount of work and money per year then yes models would retire much earlier. For now the slogan is AS LONG AS YOU GOT IT, FLAUNT IT, MAKE PEOPLE WANT IT! AND LOSERS WEEPERS, FINDERS KEEPERS!!

9) There are mostly two categories of young moms; there are those who are
extra finicky when it comes to their children and then those who are totally laid back. Do you agree?

Yes I completely agree!! But the finicky part goes for first time moms only!!! When you have the experience then you become quite laid back like I have with my little girl!!

10) You are a dentist, but never practiced dentistry. Why is that so?

I had started practice when my first born was about 6 months old, but as a fresh graduate and working as an employee anywhere the pay is paltry. I was not able to do both modelling and dentistry together and then there wasn’t too much flexibility of timing or taking a day off. If I did take a day off my pay would be cut. Where as in modelling I have the ease of choosing my day of work and quoting my fee, which is something that I am very happy doing, knowing that I am under no pressure of any sort and can give as much time as need be to my kids!!

11) What is the best part about being a mother?

There’s never a day that the love for your children doesn’t grow. I don’t think that happens in any other relationship. It is only after becoming a mother that you realize your potential to love.  

12) What message would you like to give young mothers?

We are doing what no man can EVER do in his life. We are MAN enough to be mothers!


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