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Letters to the Editor

 Dear Readers,

Keep your encouraging comments and useful suggestions coming so that we can continue to incorporate them in our efforts to make this magazine the best possible for you.

All the letter writers on this page will be sent gifts from ILLUSIONS, Jinnah Super, Islamabad.

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Over the last few decades media has become more of a minute to minute update of the world wide politics or the coverage of highly inept celebrities and their chores. It goes without saying that there has been a gross negligence on the part of Pakistani Media, in particular, highlighting subjects that are not-so-important for the common public. I must say today where most of the journalism doesn’t relate to the common man, periodicals like Motherhood remain a breath of fresh air, providing information based entertainment. Brilliant photography and informative writings set this 'peoples' magazine' apart from the rest of the lot. But the best part, that makes me a regular reader of Motherhood, is its selection of subjects and flawless writings. Waqar Ali Khan’s interview in the last issue was truly an interesting piece. I would also like to read interviews of Jami, Asad-ul-Haq, Marina Khan and some other brilliant directors from the industry. Also being a movie lover I request you to please add a review segment of classic movies.

In the end thanks for putting together such a great magazine.  Hats-off to the Motherhood team!

Joveria Hassan,

Congratulations and good luck

I am a regular reader of your magazine, 'Motherhood'. I really like it and recently it has improved a lot, both in terms of its content and design. Well done! 
I request that you write something about working mothers in your magazine as well. It will be good for working ladies mothers. Can you please include an article on the problems and challenges that working mothers have to face in their daily life?

I wish you and your team the very best. Keep it up.

Tayyaba Gul,

Superb Job

I think Motherhood is doing a superb job at guiding young mothers. Apart from parenting, your magazine covers a lot of other topics like religion, fashion, food, environment, shopping etc. it’s always fun reading a magazine with so many interesting articles. Personally, I think that this magazine is not only beneficial for mothers, but also for fathers and children. I really liked your last issue, as it had interviews of two of my favourite celebrities, Nadia Hussain and Wiqar Ali Khan. The only thing lacking in your magazine is that it reaches the news stands late. Hence, leaving the readers waiting, otherwise you are doing a great job.

Shahneez Haseeb,

Knowledgeable Read

First of all, I would like to congratulate the staff of Motherhood on doing such a good job. The magazine is greatly appreciated in my family. There was a dire need for such a publication in our knowledge starved society and your magazine has filled this void. The Kaleidoscope section is my particular favourite. I find it very informative as well as entertaining. The parents and teens section is also a great addition to the magazine. Hats off to you for a job well done and may you reach new heights of prosperity.


Insightful Read

I am a regular reader of Motherhood magazine. It prints pieces which are intelligent and insightful and that take into consideration the unique role mothers play artistically, intellectually, economically, domestically and socially around the country. I find it refreshing that Motherhood is not your typical mothering magazine, as it facilitates open and intelligent expressions and discussions on motherhood.

Zara Ali,


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