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Social Etiquettes

You have any question related to social etiquettes and day to day life? Then you have come to the right place. Post in your question and our Miss Manners will answer them for you.

Sufia Shahid an Eisenhower Fellow is a familiar face for us in Pakistan.

She is GM Corporate Events for the Pearl Continental and Marriott Hotels in Pakistan. She is also involved in a number of charitable projects.

This multifaceted and charming lady is a visiting scholar at the Finishing School. As she has a vast exposure with all segments of society.

Here she answers all your queries regarding everyday etiquettes.


I think keeping tissue boxes on centre and coffee tables in drawing rooms looks very tacky, if at all, they should be strategically/discreetly placed....what do you say?

Miss Manners:
I agree! Tissue boxes should NOT be placed on centre tables, coffee tables or in drawing rooms. They can be brought in if and when required and can be presented in an attractive manner depending on the creative ability of members of the household.
However, they CAN be placed in bedrooms or dining areas, but camouflaged in some kind of an attractive box or colorful cover. Smaller square boxes look better than the rectangular ones, but one thing is for sure. Big or small, ugly or beautiful, cheap or expensive, tissues are very handy wipes and you can't do without them in today's world :)

No matter what I do my mother-in-law always berates me in front of all. My sisters-in-law also pass very insulting remarks at times, but I stay quiet as my parents have taught me to keep quiet in front of elders. The situation is getting worse because of which I get bouts of depression. The situation is so bad that at times I just want to leave.

Miss Manners:
Many girls have to face this unfortunate situation after their marriage. Mother-in-law’s can be a pain for a lot of their ‘bahus’. Talk to your husband about it politely when he is in a mood to listen. Remember, she is his mother, so choose your words correctly and let him know that it can affect your relationship with him if he can not help.
It’s a good thing you don’t retaliate because that aggravates things. If you have a sensitive and caring husband, I’m sure he’ll handle things with his mother without involving you directly.

Most of the invitation cards have Bismillah ArRehman Nerreheem printing at the top. Once the wedding is done with, I usually tear off and throw the cards down the bin, but don't know what to do with those that have Bismillah written on them.

Miss Manners:
The answer to your question is to collect the bismillah cut outs in a bag and after sometime bury them in the "kyari" as paper is biodegradable or burn them keeping the niyyat that you are doing this to save them from "behurmati".  I am sure Allah will understand.

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