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Mother’s Day Gifts 

Make this Mother’s Day special for your mom by surprising her with one of the things in our list. She will surely remember this special day for a long time.




Music Enthusiast
Is mother is a music lover? If so then get her a set of cd’s of her favourite artists and better still get her an iPod and load it with her favourite songs!




Fitness Freak
If she is a fitness freak, then get her an exercise machine to burn away all those calories!


Book Lover
If she’s into books, then get her a set of books personally signed by you that she will cherish for ever.








House Proud
If your mother likes to have her friends over for tea parties, then a tea set will be perfect for her to show her friends on the next get together.




Nature Lover
Flowers convey a meaning what no other gift ever does. If your mother likes flowers, then get her a special bouquet made for her special day.


A subscription of Motherhood magazine will be a perfect gift to keep her updated on all current parental issues.




Is your mother the sort who likes to try different things? If so then you and your mother can have some fun paragliding, hot air ballooning or sailing. Get in touch with one of the clubs that offers these activities and you and your mom can have a fun filled day together.


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