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Mother’s Day Tributes

These poems will give you an insight into a child’s world and how they perceive their relationship with their mothers.


A poem for my mother

I love my mother,
She gave me a brother,
She is always there when I suffer,
She made me brave and tougher,
I am always in her prayers,
She buys me a computer,
I love my mother.


by Fahad Zahid    Class 3





My mother is thirty one,
Having a lot of fun,
She lives in a big place and
Wears shoes with no laces,
She snores when she goes to sleep and
Dreams of us and sheep,
We play outside and she cooks
She helps us in reading books
My mother still thinks I am a baby
She thinks I am small maybe!


by Osama Jawad  Class 5



A son’s love

My mother, she is five foot one
And shines just like the sun
Her skin is soft like a dove
She’s bubbling and boiling with love
And because she’s quite big and round,
Many a reason she’s found
To cause a riot and go on a diet
That flattens her to the ground
My mother, a teacher, wears glasses
And forgets them in half of her classes
It’s after I find that she’s left them behind
On the torso of sculptured brasses
When her head is blazing white flare
She goes off and dyes her hair
And it was my mother who
Helped me in difficulty and pain
Again and again and again
So I dedicate this song
“To my extremely loving, caring mom, from her son”

by Eireamhan Semple     Class 5



Just for me, my mother cares,
She likes to share,
Her love is deeper than the earth’s lair,
I wonder where she is where, where!
In the kitchen I guess, yes she is indeed there,
Mum come out, that’s not fair,
Just for me my mother cares.

by Jannat Saba   Class 3





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