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My Teenager

Being a teen is one of the most difficult phases of life. There are countless questions and confusions in your mind and the whole world seems to be conspiring against you. In a bid to help you overcome your problems, “Mothehood” has brought to you a platform in which to share your problems and get expert advice from the experts of Aangan of Rozan and Jeet of Sahil. You are most welcome to send in your concerns to Also, post in your question our experts will answer them for you.

I am in class 8th, all my friends and class fellows wear make-up, but my parents don’t allow it. They say I can wear all the make-up in the world when I grow up, for now I am just allowed to wear lip gloss. I feel like an outcast and outsider, what should I do so that my parents let me wear make-up?

We can understand that cosmetics and other such accessories are attractive to you at this age.

We want you to know that at this tender age these cosmetic products can have negative affects on skin and so your parents might have a fear of that. We would like you to look into the fact that in this age children tend to follow their friends and are completely unable to see the good and bad aspects of the issue, which is pretty much normal to the age.

We understand that peer pressure is there for you. However your identity is not necessarily tied to looking exactly like others. You have your identity which is unique and can be strengthened further by your confidence in yourself.

We encourage you to communicate with your parents about the make-up that is acceptable to them such as eye coal which is traditionally worn in our society.


Send your queries and problems to and our very competent panel of experts comprising of Jeet of Sahil and Aagan of Rozan will provide the answers maintaining full confidentiality.

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I have always been interested in photography and want to join an arts institute, but my father is a doctor, so are my brothers and sister and therefore, my father wants me to join medicine. I have tried talking to him, but he just does not understand! The only choice left with me is to fail the entrance test, I have no other option.

It has been seen that parents are very concerned about their children’s future and want them to join the field which secures them in everyway, especially economically.

Cheating on your parents is no solution to your problem. Often with this intense feeling for their children’s’ well-being parents overlook their aptitude.

We want you to reflect on the fact that you have already done well in medical subjects to reach entrance test stage. It is an advantage to be in the profession of the family because you have a base to start working on. It seems as if you have capabilities to be a doctor as you are doing fine in your studies. So, along with studying medicine, you may also take- up a photography course to satisfy your aesthetic abilities. We are sure you can manage both with proper time management.

I have just changed my school and don’t have many friends here. There are already groups of friends and no one is willing to include me in their group. I feel lonely and miss my old friends. What can I do to be included in one of the popular groups?

It’s always difficult to go through this phase of joining a new school.

Your feeling is very natural; this phase of changeover is really painful because it requires adjustment.

It takes time to be part of a group and adjust in a new environment. Give yourself time and space for this process and soon you will be able to identify others who have similar interests as you and that will finally lead you into becoming part of popular groups.

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