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The other side of Shamoon Abbasi

Shamoon Abbasi’s name is synonymous with high quality, intense and captivating Tele films. Director of the critically acclaimed “Ward no.7”, Shamoon will soon be creating history in Pakistan by making the first sequel to a Tele film.

Starting his career as an actor and rendering memorable performances in drama’s like “Kashish”, Shamoon quickly moved on to direction, which is his first love. His Tele films are mostly based on true stories and deal with the social issues prevalent in our society. One of his most popular Tele films “Gurd”, dealt with narcotics and its adverse affects on the society as a whole. Another on of his Tele films, “Maid” was nominated for the most popular Tele film in the TV1 awards.

The father of two adorable children, Anzela who is seven and Meerkoh, who is 11 months, Shamoon is extremely close to his children. His entire world orbits around them and to him they are the most precious thing in the world. “My priorities changed after becoming a father, my world seemed more focused and suddenly the things that my parents had been telling me started to make sense!”

Shamoon prefers to spend quality time with his children at home. Whenever he can take out time from his busy schedule, Shamoon prefers to spend it with his family. Being in showbiz means crazy working hours, Meerkoh, son of Shamoonbut his children are his priority and he manages to squeeze out time for his family everyday. Even if it’s a few minutes of coloring with his school going daughter Anzela, or watching an animated movie with her, Shamoon makes it a point to be there for his children. It’s these little things that he does for his family that give him a real sense of achievement, rather than getting accolades for his work.  

Shamoon credits his parents, especially his mother for whatever he has achieved so far in life. According to him, it’s because of his mothers’ blessings and prayers that he is what he is today, “I just want her to continue giving her blessing to me because had it not been for her prayers, I would never have been able to achieve the success that I am enjoying today.”


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