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Super mom cum super model


Super model Fauzia Aamir, sits down for a tête-à-tête and talks about her family and the world of modelling.  

How did you get into modeling? How long have you been modeling? Name a few of your modeling campaigns.

Well my husband is into photography, he doesn’t do it commercially, but after we got married he made my portfolio and set an appointment with Fariha Altaf. We had a meeting with her and after some time I got a call from Fariha for the Lux Style Awards. It’s been six years now that I have been modeling. Apart from the Ufone campaign, I have done many other commercials as well including Walls, Pediasure, Pantene etc.

What are the pros and con's of being in this field?

Well like every industry has its good and bad points, modeling also has its advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is that along with the fame and recognition, it also pays well. Models also get a lot of special discounts from designers and the best part is the special attention we get from people. But on the other hand it has its disadvantages, contrary to popular belief, it’s a lot of hard work and the timings are terrible! One has to have a very good and understanding husband like mine to stay in this industry, as commercials are usually shot at night and one has to be really patient because a single scene is shot many times over and then there is the electricity crisis. So the hours are terrible.

How has being a mother changed you?

I think motherhood transforms every woman. Being a mother has changed me a lot; I feel like a complete woman now. I always dreamt of having a complete family and I thank Allah for the two lovely sons that he has given me. I think after becoming a mother, I have become more mature and responsible.

Have u given up or cut down on the amount of assignments after the birth of your second child?

Yes I have become choosy and selective, now I prefer working with people who I know will deliver great results.

Do you plan on venturing into acting as well? Or maybe something other than modeling?

Not right now, I might once my children start going to school. Personally I like acting and will make a career out of it. Right now my family and children are my priorities and I just cannot take out time for acting, but once my kids are grown up and start going to school, I’ll definitely venture into acting.

What is the best part about being a mother?

Well the best part is that I have heaven underneath my feet (Laughs), what else can I ask for? On a more serious note, I feel like a complete woman now. I believe I’m truly blessed, not only do I have a loving husband, but also two adorable children, I can’t ask for anything else!
When I come home tired from shoots, the only thing that refreshes me is the sight of my kids; I forget all my tiredness and am at once energized.  

What message would you give young moms?

Being a model/housewife and a mother isn’t easy, but one need’s to know how to balance between all aspects of life. All new moms or soon to be moms should know that the most important thing is their family and that they are to give proper time to home their children and their husbands


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