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Creamy Pasta


Butter 1tbl spoon

2tbl spoon

Flour 2tbl spoon
Chikcen stalk Half cup
Boiled shredded Chicken 1 cup
Boiled Macaroni Half cup
Carrot Half cup
Cabbage Half cup
Salt According to taste
Black Pepper According to taste
Cream 1 Packet
Milk Quarter pack
Mashed Potatoes 3 Medium Sized
Cheese According to taste


Take a pan and put oil, butter and flour in it, mix it well and wait till it turns golden, now add salt and pepper to it. Heat the ingredients at low flame.

Now add chicken stalk, shredded chicken and make sure that ir mixes well with the paste. Now add all the vegetables and macaroni in this. For potato sauce; mix cream, cheese, mashed potatoes, salt , black pepper and milk. Mix it well but it shouldn't be thick.

Take a dish, first put a leayer of macaroni then a layer of potato paste and spread cheese on top of that. Now bake for 15 - 20 minutes. (You can also put it in the microwave oven.)


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