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In the Hot Seat

Muneeb Nawaz’s name is fast becoming synonymous with trendy men’s wear. While most designers these days are focusing on women wear (read bridals), Muneeb has carved a niche for himself by being among the hand full of designers who only focus on men’s wear. The Best Male Designer award that he won recently at the Lux Style Awards is testament of how far he’s come in just four years. Following are a few snippets that will help you get to know him better!


Date of birth:
12th august

Zodiac sign:

Life without friends:

The first outfit you sold was in:
it was in 2002 to some friend.

Life without family:
could be a blessing or a curse

Munib Nawaz is:
honest, indifferent.

What are best friends for:

Your girlfriends always try to:
dump me

What do you think you are good at:
expressing myself

Favourite photographer:
Tapu Javeri

Favourite model:
Amer Zeb and Ali Kazmi

Best friend or someone who inspires you
Ali Kazmi, Ammar Bilal, Nomi Ansari, Kami, Sheroo.

What would you like to change about your appearance:
I would like to add a few inches to my height.

Who’s the most annoying person you have ever met:
I try to avoid annoying people so actually haven’t met any annoying people.

Anything you want to say to your mother:
I would never have been able to achieve or do what I’m doing right now without your love and support.

Any message for your fans:
perseverance will get you there

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