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Letters to the Editor

 Dear Readers,

Keep your encouraging comments and useful suggestions coming so that we can continue to incorporate them in our efforts to make this magazine the best possible for you.

All the letter writers on this page will be sent gifts from ILLUSIONS, Jinnah Super, Islamabad.

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Job Well Done

Thank you Motherhood for being there for our guidance. My mother is a regular reader of this magazine and I also enjoy reading some articles. I especially like the Beauty and Social Etiqutte sections, but my favourite section is "Parents and Teens", in which you can get answers for those problems which you cannot ask your parents or they simply don't understand. Most parents don't give much heed to the problems their children are facing. I think that these are the main issues of someone's personality and if they are resolved on time, there won't be any personality issues in later life. I really want to congratulate Motherhood and their panel of experts for doing such a great job.

Sarah Ali,

Truly Amazing

The last issue of Motherhood was truly amazing. I loved the cover story on Maliks, I had so idea Saqib and Adnan were brothers and that Mrs. Parveen Malik is their mother!! It really was a surprise for me. Keep up the great job and keep doing interesting cover stories.

Hadia Reza ,


I find Motherhood magazine an excellent read. Taking the latest issue under consideration I believe that not only the front picture, but also the article was an entertaining and relatable read. The pictures showing the happy Malik family with the focus on the mother were beautifully done. The objective of the magazine, which is to ensure the appreciation of mothers, has been duly attained by the staff. Besides the front page spread on Parveen Mailk and her embodiment of the motherhood concept, the poetry by children for their mothers was endearing. The articles on diet and nutrition and spreads on housekeeping, fashion, recipes, advise columns and everyday social graces are refreshing.

Rabya Basharat,

Quality Magazine

Congratulations on doing such a great job. I have experience in this field and know how hard it is to put together a magazine of such good standards. It was nice to see your mother’s day special issue, but what was missing was a Fathers Day special. I understand that your magazine focuses on motherhood, but the fathers share the upbringing of children as well. I hope to see a Fathers Day special next time. In the mean time keep up the good work.  

Ambreen Khan ,

Proud Reader

I have to say that I am very proud of Motherhood magazine. In Pakistan you hardly find a magazine that makes a good read and at the same time is informative. Having lived abroad nearly all my life, I was disappointed to find no magazine catering to this particular issue. When I saw motherhood on the stands last week, I was very happy and the quality of the magazine surprised me as you hardly find such quality magazines nowadays. Congratulations on a job well done. May you reach great heights of success.

Lubna Anwar,

Ardent Fan

I am an ardent fan of Motherhood! Being a first time mom, I found this magazine to be extremely helpful in rearing my baby. The pregnancy series was a great help throughout my pregnancy. I always love the window shopping section; you guys give some very interesting things in it. The interviews are also very interesting, I really forward to the cover stories. The entire team of Motherhood deserves a pat on their backs for a great job.

Alvina Sultan,


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