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What is in a name? It is more than just what people call you or the one word that you write more than any other. Your name is you! It is the permanent imprint on your being. It is what makes you unique. When a name is attached to you, special powers come into play and give form to the individual that is you. The responsibility of naming a child should never be taken lightly. Here are some names that we have expecially collected, each with a meaningful inspiration.


Boys Names
Girls Names
Anees close friend   Hayat life
Burhan proof   Janan heart, soul
Fadi redeemer   Maysun a beautiful face and body
Nawfal Arabic name for the sea   Nashwa fragrance, that which intoxicates
Mahdi guided one   Salwa solace
Sahel One who shows the way   Amal hopes, aspirations
Zaki intelligent   In`am kindness, benefaction
Qaim Firm, durable   Firdoos highest garden in paradise

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