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Eid Masala

In this issue we bring you exclusive recipes from the star chef’s of Pakistan’s first premium cooking channel, Masala TV. Get ready to pamper your taste buds this Eid by trying out these scrumptious dishes, you will definitely get hooked to the channel for more recipes after trying these ones.


Green Tea Juice

The hostof “Weekend Masala”,Zakir got his training as a chef from Sheraton Hotel and started his career from Avari. Then he went on to Singapore for his training, doing courses in Chinese & Thai cooking and Fruit & Vegetable Carving as well.



Green tea half cup
Cheeko 2
Brown sugar 2 tablespoon
Cream half cup


Blend green tea, cheeko and brown sugar in a blender until all ingredients are evenly mixed together. In the end add fresh cream and shake well. Serve chilled.  



The host of “Khas Khane Khas Log”, Masooma Khan was inspired by her mothers cooking, who she thinks is the best cook she has ever come across. She has appeared in numerous other shows regarding cooking as well.



Ghee/butter  1-2 tablespoon
Rice       ½ cup
Milk     as per taste
Almonds and pistachio for garnishing
Brown Sugar as per taste
Condensed milk ½ cup
Cardamom 2



In a pan, fry cinnamon seeds in ghee. Add milk, rice and condensed milk and leave to cook also add brown sugar. Remove from stove when all ingredients are evenly mixed together. Serve with almond and pistachio garnishing.



Chapli kebab

This multi-faceted lady is not only an accomplished cook, but also a designer with a clothing line under her belt. She has held her exhibitions in many European countries from where she also learnt different recipes.


Mince meat 750gms
Onion (finely chopped) 1 cup
Garlic ginger paste 2 tablespoon
Tomatoes  1
Lemon 1
Egg 1
White cumin seeds 2 tablespoon
Red chili powder 1 tablespoon
Brown cardamom (bari ilaichi) 1-2
Grounded spices (garam masal) 1 teaspoon
Whole spices (sabut garam masala) as per taste
Pomegranate seeds  1 teaspoon
Grounded coriander seeds  as per taste
Grated red chilli (kuti lal mirch) 1 teaspoon
Salt  as per taste
Gram flour (besan) 8-9 tablespoon
Oil as per taste
Tomatoes and onion for garnishing
Cilantro (hara dhania)   for garnishing


Add all the ingredients except oil and lemon juice in a bowl and mix well. After mixing, add lemon juice and make kebabs. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the kebabs. Serve with tomatoes and onion garnishing.



English Beef Stew

Gluzar got his training as a chef from Ginza Tikyo Hotel, he spent twelve years in Japan getting training in Chef Management and also working in world class hotels. He has worked in many other counties as well. He is expert in Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Continental cooking.



Beef half kg
Carrots 2
Onions 2
Potatoes 2
Parsley 20gms
Cinnamon sticks 2
Paprika Powder 2 tbs
Black pepper 1tbs
Apple 1
Oil 4 tbs
Salt  to taste
Stock/yakhni  3 cups



Pour oil in a pan and fry cut pieces of beef in it. After the beef pieces are fried, put them in a pot and add two medium sticks of cinnamon, salt and cut pieces of apple. Cook these on high flame for a while, cover for a bit and then add the cut vegetables and paprika. Now add Yakhni and mix well, now cover the pot and let it cook on low fleet for a while. When the stew is ready, garnish it with black pepper and parsley.




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