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In the Hot Seat

She is the stunning head turner who has made men swoon and women sit up and take notice. Vaneeza Ahmed is the reigning queen of our fashion industry and here we have her answering a few snippets that will help you get to know her better!


What made you name your brand V9?
V is self explanatory, it stands for Vaneeza and the digit will represent the number of prints that I will take out each year, thus the name V9!

Vaneeza Ahmed is famous for?
Hopefully good things, but you should ask this question from other people.

What does life mean to you?
Life to me is fun, exploring new things, it has so much to offer and I don’t want to miss out on anything.

What is one disadvantage of being a super model?
Well men get a bit intimidated at times

If you had not been a model then what would you have been?
No idea!!

If you ever make a movie what will you name it?
I love super heroes so I know I am going to make a movie on super heroes, but can’t think of the title right now.

Who’s your favourite model?
Eraj, she has the right body and height.

What one word describes you the best?

Your favourite photographer?
Ather Shehzad. I think they are amazing.

Your all time favourite song?
Crash by Dave Mathews

If you get a chance to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, what will you change first?
I would open a lot of school’s. I believe things will change for the better for this country if the literacy rate increases.

How did your mother influence you?
She has been a role model for me, I saw her working and realised that I didn’t need a man in my life to support me. She comes from a background where women don’t work, but after my father passed away she had to take care of us and started working and that too in construction, where women hardly venture, so she has been my life force, my strength. I would have been nothing without her.

What is the one thing that people should know about you?
I think people know everything about me already!

Any message for your fans?
I think one should dream big and have the focus and ability to work hard. These are the ingredients of achieving ones goals.


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