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Letters to the Editor

 Dear Readers,

Keep your encouraging comments and useful suggestions coming so that we can continue to incorporate them in our efforts to make this magazine the best possible for you.

All the letter writers on this page will be sent gifts from ILLUSIONS, Jinnah Super, Islamabad.

Write to us your opinion and comments & win fabulous surprise gifts.



Outstanding Magazine

First of all, I would like to congratulate the team of Motherhood for such an outstanding magazine. The thing which really intrigued and impressed me about this magazine is the designing and colours. You are doing an excellent job in dealing with issues that one hardly comes across in other magazines. May you succeed in your efforts of reaching a wider audience, prayers are with you, InshAllah this magazine will reach greater heights.

Madeeha Nisar,

Great Job

I am a regular reader of your magazine and I think your team is doing a great job for all the mothers and mothers-to-be out there. I would especially like to appreciate the recipes that you publish in every issue. I have tried almost all of them and they have turned out to be delicious. The best part about theses recipes is that they carter to people with all kinds of tastes. I also really liked the article on Night Eating Syndrome, it was very informative. Keep up the good work!!

Habiba Burney,


Today by chance a friend of mine showed me a very charming and attractive magazine. In tube light its colours were looking like rainbow. The name of your magazine, Motherhood is very sweet, it motivated my imagination and I bought a copy for myself right away. After reading it, I found the magazine to be very interesting for people of all ages. I consider young mothers of today very lucky to have been blessed with this magazine because when I was raising my children I did not have any local magazine for guidance. I pray to God that your magazine flourishes in future.

Mrs. Nadra Mirza,


I am a regular reader of your magazine, I think the magazine is doing a great job as it guides and gives a lot of information to young mothers. Apart from parenting, your magazine caters to a lot of other topics like fashion, health, food, religion etc. In short it is very informative as well as entertaining. I wish you and your team all the best. Keep it up.

Mariam Rahman Malik,

An All-Rounder

My mother is a regular reader of Motherhood and is always singing its praises; especially that it is a very educational magazine. Out of sheer curiosity I decided to give it a read and proved myself wrong by only looking at the contents. This magazine throws light on every sphere of life Islam, food, career options, health, nutrition, beauty and fashion. In the last issue your fashion segment on Munib Nawaz was very good. I think it’s excellent that men’s wear is getting some sort of attention nowadays. I would like to see more celebrities in your fashion segment.

In Pakistan you hardly find a magazine that makes a good read and at the same time is informative. I hope in future I will find more articles on fashion. Keep up the good work. Wish you all the best and may Allah grant you prosperity.

Faisal S. Butt,

Great Help

I find your magazine to be a great help. Being a working mom, I find it very convenient to take so much advice and guidance from your magazine. It’s a suggestion that if you include articles about frequently asked questions from moms of new babies, it would further enhance the already great quality of your magazine.

 I would like to request that please keep giving ideas for health and care of babies of all ages because I have seen that many a times young mothers would fuss over trivial matters and rush to hospitals and end up paying heavy bills when the remedy is just lying in their kitchen. Keep it up the great work.

Zakia Zainab,


I recently read your magazines latest issue and I must say that it is one of the very few magazines that cover almost all the important aspects of a woman’s life. The article that really captured my attention was regarding the issue of adoption as I myself was thinking of adoption, but lacked the basic knowledge required for the legal procedure. This article certainly provided me with all the information that I needed.

Motherhood is providing women information about all the things they need to know about whether its fashion, the stars they love or just day to day life. I really liked your magazine specially the articles which cover the major issues like breast cancer and adoption which I already mentioned. I hope you will keep up the good work and make Motherhood one of the leading magazines of Pakistan.

Sana Hussain,


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