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Summer Camp in England

Summers were approaching and we were deciding where to go for summer break, but could not think of a place. Then one day my father’s friend came over and told us about his son who had gone for summer school abroad. So our father picked up the idea of sending us for summer camp as well. The next day he searched on the net for some good summer schools all over the world and short listed two, Ely and Rugby in Winchester, England. Ely was founded in 1306 and Rugby is where the sport of Rugby was discovered. My cousin in England called both these schools up and admitted us there for two weeks in each school. After a few days my father booked our seats and we started on our trip along with our mother and sister. This was to be the first time that we were attending summer camp abroad and at first we were opposed to the idea, but as the date got closer for our departure we were very keen to know firsthand what it would be like.

Winchester is around forty-five miles south-west of London. It is a beautiful place and considered one of the best country-side of England. Our father had rented a very old cottage there, where our mother and sister were to stay while we were in summer camp. We also stayed in this centuries old cottage for a week before beginning summer camp. We first went to Ely, the first day there was not bad, we played snooker and football.

On the second day of Ely was Saleh’s birthday and we celebrated it with a cake and sang some songs. The daily routine at Ely was that we had to wake up at seven in the morning and by eight breakfast would be served. After breakfast we had sports, after which we had a quick shower and went for lunch. Five hours of classes followed lunch after which we again got ready for three hours of sports. After sports we had supper and then “free time”, which was till 10 pm. After that we went to sleep. During our stay in Ely we also went on various field trips, the most exciting of which was the one to Chelsea Football Stadium.

After two weeks at Ely we went to Rugby, it had sixteen Tennis courts, three Football pitches, a gym and a swimming pool. The ground where we played Rugby was the same where this sport was discovered. We had a better time in Rugby because from the very first day we made many friends. The routine at Rugby was round about the same as Ely. The school arranged regular trips to the south of England; we went to London, Oxford, Bournemouth and many other towns.

We met various people of different nationalities during our summer camp Italians, Spanish, Turkish, Saudi, Thai, French, German and British, many of whom are now very good friends with us. After two weeks at Rugby, our vacations came to an end and we headed back home. These few weeks at summer camp were an experience of a lifetime and like nothing that we have experienced before. They were the best weeks of the entire summer vacations without question. Overall this was a good learning experience for us and we are glad that we will be going again next year.


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