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About Us

The idea came to mind when I had my first child. I searched high and low for a magazine or a book to guide me. The book stores were full of pricey foreign magazines on babies and parents. The local magazines catered to other dimensions of life, fashion, jewellery, bridal wear, cookery and politics. My family started to grow and the idea to start a magazine stayed with me.

The second time round I decided to make my dream come true. But first I needed a name, and what could be better than, "Motherhood". With this name in mind, I opened my office in a spare room at home. My team was small, and it is still small, but the enthusiasm generated is tremendous. I published "Motherhood" a bi-monthly magazine for roughly two years from home. I learnt a lot in the process. My vocabulary has increased two fold in terms of technical terms and I can now clearly understand what the printer is talking about, or what the designer is asking.
Motherhood is a word which evokes love for children with no questions asked; it is soft and tender and encompasses all mothers where ever they may be.

The magazine has interesting articles relating to the psychological, physiological and spiritual aspects of life. There are articles on nutrition along with recipes, finance with tips on how to save for the future, and special pages for kids and dads.

With the magazine growing we had to change our location. We are now located in one of the best areas of Islamabad. It is easily accessible and visitors keep dropping in to see the workplace. The odds are not so heavily stacked against us and it gladdens our hearts when young mothers enquire about "Motherhood". We are back in print after a sojourn and Inshallah this is where we hope to remain. Not only is magazine available in the local market, it is also available in the international market.

There are plans in the pipeline to open offices in Karachi and Lahore. We are working on it and we will keep you posted on developments. Motherhood is your magazine and we welcome any feed back from you. Thank you for touching base with us and have a pleasant day.


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