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Letters to the Editor

 Dear Readers,

Keep your encouraging comments and useful suggestions coming so that we can continue to incorporate them in our efforts to make this magazine the best possible for you.

All the letter writers on this page will be sent gifts from ILLUSIONS, Jinnah Super, Islamabad.

Write to us your opinion and comments & win fabulous surprise gifts.



Encouraging Mothers

I am a journalist and a regular reader of Mother. Indeed, it stands out because it is about parenting, a subject that was never covered by any magazine in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, the focus of all publications available n the market today continues to be either politics or fashion. In this light, your magazine is like a breath of fresh air. I therefore salute your team for this brilliant and professional effort. The section of 'Mission Motherhood' that aims at motivating educated and capable mothers to try their luck in emerging professions is surely a great addition.

Well done! Keep up the good work.

Myra Imran,

Working Mom

I'm Mumtaz Afzal, I've been a teacher and taught in the Gulf for 5-6 years. Now I reside in Canada. Currently I am a homemaker till my baby grows at least old enough to explain himself and his needs. Then I shall proceed with my career.

I love writing and have been reporting for my previous school. I like the sound of 'Motherhood'. The concept is good and new in Pakistan. It's good to see such good progressive efforts. I would like to be a part of this growth. I am the only daughter of my dear loving mom whom I love to the deapest core of my heart. I am a mother of a beautiful 1 year old who is the sparkle of my eyes. I can send in few articles related to the issues of marriage, initial adjustment, women of our society, early childhood developments, needs of children, tips for what to buy and what not to buy, Do's and Don'ts... etc.

You can add segments mentioned above to your magazine, I have lots of creative ideas. If you find them useful I'd love to write for Mothehrood. Apart from that just keep up the good work. Best of luck for your future!

Mumtaz Afzal ,
Calgary, Canada.


I recently came across your magazine Motherhood and it's commendable to see that such an effort is taking place on all parents' behalf. Being the first Pakistani Parenting magazine, you're bringing awareness and knowledge to many households, specially such mothers who give up their dreams and careers for their children.

Serwat Faisal ,

Naming Delights

I was blessed with a baby girl in December and finding a name perfect for such a small delight was becoming tougher and tougher, until a friend suggested I take a look at the Name Niche segment in your magazine. I was relieved and glad to find suh a comprehensive list of beautiful names! Thank you so much for the helping me name my daughter!

Samreen Qazi ,

Male Quotiant

My name is Yusuf. Being a male I find it quite difficult to find a magazine that caters to men at an affordable price. I picked up your magazine at a pediatricians office just to pass the time while waiting for our turn. I was surprised to see that it does not have a biased view concerning men. I enjoyed looking at the photo shoot for men's shirts but I only regret that it limited to just a few pictures. If you could kindly increase the number of pages you dedicate to men I would become the devoted reader. Thank you.

Yusuf Ali Khan,

Family Reading

I hope that you are doing well. I am 15 years old. My mother is very regular reader of your magazine. She enjoys reading it very much and suggested to me that reading it would be good for me as well, because it includes interesting articles on manners, fashion and religion. I like your section by Haroon Yahya , but I wanted to ask if he was from Pakistan, because he has very different looks. Thank you.

Sehr Khan ,


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